Monday, June 27, 2011


I checked my mail. I got a package slip

I opened up the package

I popped the fun, giant bubblewrap that I found inside

And then I noticed. I got a book.
It looks like this


The goal is to kind of let yourself go... and just.... do.
You follow the random instructions on a page, and do the thing it tells you.
The rules are simple and kind of vague sometimes, so you can do whatever it is you please pretty much.

This has kinda been a hard thing for me. The letting go thing.
I started with the hardest one, the one that forced me to truely ruin a part of the book:

And I figured, go big or go home right?
So... I kind of kicked it since I couldn't find any string.

And that felt pretty good.
I got a couple funny looks, but what the hey... I am kinda used to that.

So this destructive activity led to another:

So as I walked along with the cousin, I hurled the book at the ground, into a grassy place, and it crumpled more, and got a few stains.

Now that I am comfortable with destruction, I think that this is going to be a really fun eye opener for me! I am going to try to do a few pages a day. And get more people involved to help me out!

Expect more pages, really soon!

And updates on the poor little books condition....


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