Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Plans

I am the queen of unfinished goals.
But you know what.
I like it that way.

Then, whenever I get bored, I can go back and find an old project left unfinished, and always be occupied, and get a wide array of things done.... eventually.

I was always that kid with six books on my nightstand, each with a bookmark hanging out of someplace, and I would read some of a different one each night. Or, if I was feeling extra nerdy, a little of each.

With that in mind, I am set off today on a quest.
I am going to the bookstore (which sadly, here in the valley really only is in the mall if you want a new book, or in LC, if you want an overpriced small selection of book)

I am looking for an art book. Perhaps the "Wreck This Journal" or whatever it is. I was interested in that one, I need to open up. I am too afraid of what my own self can do!
Either something like that, or an art instruction book. I need a jumping off point. And I am going to try this summer to do something each day from it, or at least a big work a week or so.

I want to get rolling soon, so I am leaving my perch here in Starbucks.
Wish me luck :)

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