Saturday, April 30, 2011


My prom is tonight, and I just finished fixing my dress.
I don't really believe in spending a monsterous amount of money on a dress you'll wear once, so I bought a casual(ish) dress for cheap from JC penneys:

Then, I felt like I wanted it to look a bit fancier...and I am quite tall so the dress was a bit short and I wanted it to reachthe floor. And the more I looked at it... the more I wanted changed. The neckline had a ruffle which I cut off and I took off one strap, and added lace to the front as a tie, and around the bottom.
I am super happy with the result! :

I think that the shape is more flattering, and I am proud of my work on the one strap that  I kept!

the back looks like this:

For my first attempt altering a dress I think I did pretty good :)
And I got my nails done yesterday just a french looking acrylic nail, and I painted over it with colors that match my dress ( The french remains underneath for when I get tired of the color)

Right now I need to go to work... thats why I have no makeup/hair going on here. I just wante dto show someone, since I am so excited :)

I will post a picture of the final look after tonight!

For anyone else going to Prom tonight, or soon:
HAVE FUN, be safe, and smart. And lemme see your dresses! DIY or otherwise! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Update From Hawaii!

I really should be out enjoying the sun, but this massive sunburn that Jenna and I don't have isn't permitting me to!
So we are relaxing in the condo.... which is also really nice! There's a pool here, and we are dipping in every so often to sta comfortable, so our skin doesn't fall off.

But otherwise, I am having a great trip! We got snorkle gear, and the rest of the family is off testing out locations, and we've been to an awwesome beach and walked around the cute little shops in Maui.

But this is an update about what I have been doing in Art class! I would post Hawaii pictures.. but for some reason they won't upload. But the ones from Washington imported just fine. Figures. :)

Anyways. We've been doing some work with self portaits.
 I am not a fan. I don't like drawing people that much in the first place, but everyone knows that doing yourself is the hardest of all!
This is what my art room looks like.
We do our painting at those tables in the back, and drawing at the tables in front.
There are posters on the wall that our crazy Swiss teacher puts up, and there are ceramics along the cabinets.