Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting up

I did a bit of painting today.
I went to the art supply store and got me some canvases since they were on sale :)
But being weird as I am I painted a picture (only a quick one. 5 or so minutes) on just a piece of black paper.

My mind is boiling over with ideas, I just have to much impatience to focus enough to do them one at a time, so I am doing other things to calm down.
Just you wait.

In Art we've also been doing self portraits.
This has made me a little uncomfortable. 
I will take a picture of what I have to far in class tomorrow.



Painting workshop said...

This is a great site! Great work on the painting!...Daniel

Megan said...

Thank you! :)
I'm amazed someone actually found this site... haha :D