Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Update

It's been a little bit since I started the blue hair thing, and at school and with my family, it's been a hit!
I've ended up bleaching more of it (with better finger protection) and now almost all of my hair is blue.
My friend who always dyes her hair was a little put out by it, but I really like it, and I don't know whether I will keep it up.
Anyways, it looks a little like this:

The last two I took today, laying in the snow.
Sooo cold, but I think they turned out nicely :)

Oh yes, I bought a new camera today, so expect more photography soon.
Right now I am a bit busy, compiling a portfolio together to send to Western's Art department tomorrow.
Cross your fingers for me :)

I have also been diving into the cooking world, that is another art form I like- culinary. Pictures of my food and recipe book as that progresses, as well as Operation Kitchen, to revive my mom's love of cooking and whatnot. She's been a little against it since we almost had to move like 3 times. It's a long story, I won't go into the details, but basically she had it all decorated with her fish and things, and then she lost interest after she had to pack it all up so it never came out, and she's dreaded cooking ever since. I want to make her kitchen a place that is easier to love. So pictures and an outline of what I am doing are soon to come!

This blog is going to be up and running soon enough.
Inspiration is everywhere, I just need to look for it more often! :)


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Kali said...

Blue hair ?? .. wow that's brave .. and surprisingly good looking (: