Friday, February 4, 2011

Hair Gone Blue

Right now it is 11:18 PM and I am regretting some things.
I got the grand idea to finally use my hair dye not too long ago. Which explains why I am sitting here, awake, with my har all gross.
I am on step one of the process.... oh dear.
I will have to dye it before school tomorrow, since it needs time  to dry tonight because my hairdryer is in my mom's room.

But right now it looks like this:

And to help time go by, I will post  pictures as I go on in this process...

These are the weapons of choice for this... disaster in the making:

A packet of Quick White, a super strength powder lightener.
A bottle of Salon Care developer creme.

It just sounds scary, doesn't it?

I  put it on with gloves, and you let it sit for like 50 minutes.When the bleach dries I'm going to use a flat iron and straighten it, snce ehat helps it kill your hair even more effectviely :)

A while later

A small problem has occurred.
I have washed m y hands several times, but there is still bleach powder on them.
I hope it does not eat through my fingers :(
I need those.

Almost finished! :)

Its time for bed now
It is... going to be interesting.
I will have to get up early in the AM to finish it, and I will update this then!

That morning
OKay, I woke up at 6:30ish so that I could get this yellow-white out of my hair!
IfI do this again, I will make sure I have a whole day to work on this, and I will bleach it twice or more, so it will be more vibrant.
But right now the color is soaking on my head, so the whole thing looks dark, likee normal. But hopefully, soon, it will be awesome.

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