Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warming Up

Today was a chill sort of day. Really, a lazy Sunday.
I've been catching a little cold lately, so I was napping, and laying on my couch most of the day.
So you can imagine my surprise when I finally looked out the window, and saw snow DUMPING outside.
Everything as covered in a thick sheet of snow.
I really wanted to play in it.
But after another nap, and regaining some strength, it was starting to melt.

But, as a result....
We have late start tomorrow!


I'm going to use the extra time to make sure I can sleep and get rested, and take time getting ready for school.
I'm going to go into town with my camera for the first time in forever.
I haven't taken any quality photos in  SUCH a long time.
My camera is full of snapshots from parties or outings with friends, but I need to take some time behind the lens, alone so I can get some good pictures.

So, expect some of that coming your way, as well as some scans of drawings I have been working on.


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