Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Semester

The last first semester of my high school career ended last week.
Now I'm in some new classes, and the countdown to graduation has begun.
I always make the best intentions to do better at the start of each semester or quarter. I plan to get my work done. Get all A's. Draw more. Write on my blog. But it all seems to kind of... fall apart.

I'm hoping that this semester will be different. I'll only really have homework in three classes.
My schedule looks like this...

1. Senior Seminar: We switch between two teachers. I have the one I like more right now, and so far it's a pretty chill section we're learning about, so I don't have homework with him.

2. English: I need to write my 10 (TEN!!!) page paper, but I am uninspired to do that right now. Even though I am researching a pretty boss author (Lewis Carroll- Alice In Wonderland) I just can't get myself to start. So that is why I am on here for now.
And I know that 10 pages isn't that bad, especially compared to college which is fast approaching. But whatever. I'm allowed to whine for now.

3. Art: I am really liking this class so far, despite it being with a crazy french-spanish-german Swede. But Senor B is pretty sweet, and I will definitely scan/photograph our projects in there, and post them up here. So far, we are working on drawing, and shading... but I will get more into that in a later post :)

4. Current World Problems: This is with the same teacher as Senior Seminar. He's really smart, and it's easy to learn in there. Right now there's a pretty small amount of homework.

5. Drama: There are only 4 people in this class. Including me. It's awesome. Tiny schools FTW!

6. Study Period: :)

7. No Class: :)

So I have time to write, right?

I am going to post tomorrow, with information about the art class, and what I'm up to!


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